12x DESTROYER.68 | CNC ALU | 7g | 17.3mm |red | HDR68 | HDS68 | FSC | Milsig

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12x DESTROYER.68 | CNC ALU | 7g | 17.3mm | red | HDR68 | HDS68 | FSC | Milsig

Custom-made CNC-turned high-performance ammunition made of aluminum - extremely robust and reusable at the same time! Precisely incorporated grooves improve the flight path and impact force due to the low weight. The resulting damage is correspondingly high.

  • Red
  • Perfect fit for the HDR68, HDS68, FSC and Milsig
  • CNC turned
  • Material: aluminum
  • Weight: 7g
  • Diameter: 17.3mm
  • 12 pieces

These bullets are expressly intended for fun shooting at suitable targets. Never shoot people or animals!

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