2x Shotshell.50 cal 68 to Cal.50 |or HDS68ALU gold anodized

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 2x Shotshell.50 cal 68 to Cal.50 for HDS68 ALU gold anodized

With these shotshells you have the possibility to use Cal.50 ammunition. We have designed these in such a way that you can have a total of one to three z. B. can load and shoot rubber balls per sleeve. Due to the reduction to Cal.50, the performance increases by approx. 2 joules.

Please note the legal regulations in your country.

  • consists of two shotshells

  • 4x sealing rings and 1x sample pack of rubber balls

  • adapted to the HDS.68

  • Suitable for 7.5J, 11J and above

  • Loading capacity 3x Cal.50 per sleeve (e.g. rubber balls)

  • NO 3D print, but ALU gold anodized

  • TOP quality, super workmanship and light in the hand

  • easy to refill

  • increased performance by reducing the caliber

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