2x Shotshell Cal. 68 to 4x3 6mm, ALU gold anodized

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2x Shotshell Cal. 68 t4e 4x3 6mm ALU gold anodized

  • consists of two shotshells

  • adapted to the HDS.68

  • Suitable for 7.5J, 11J and above

  • 4x3 á 6mm balls

  • NO 3D print, but ALU gold anodized

  • TOP quality, super workmanship and light in the hand

  • easy to refill

  • This increases the target radius

  • 1x sample pack of 6mm Bbs

Can be removed quickly and easily by tilting the weapon. (see pictures)

Fill the shotshell and press the balls in with a longer object. Due to the existing rubber ring, the balls are held in the shotshell!

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