50 x Alu Balls, glass breaker bullets , 1.8gr , Cal 0.43

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EXCLUSIVE Alu Balls | glass breaker bullets | 1.8gr | Cal 0.43

These balls are a custom-made product that does not yet exist on the market. A clear BUY RECOMMENDATION, especially for PPQ, TPM1 and M&P9.


  • material: aluminium

  • weight per piece: 1.8 g

  • suitable for all Cal. 43 RAM weapons

  • 50 pieces

Due to their lower weight compared to the chrome steel balls (5.5 g), the use of aluminum balls increases precision and flight distance.


For the best result, we recommend that you pre-oil the Alu Balls with silicone spray!!!

Do you have any questions or other concerns? Then feel free to contact us! See other auction more interesting items for the HDR 50, HDS 68 and SG 68!

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