Z-RAM Power-Pin and steel Screw (+14 Joule) TCP FSC T8.1 T9.1 VKS (for long Barrels)

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Z-RAM Power-Pin (+14 Joule) makes your Tiberius TCP FSC T8 T9 and VKS to a next Level

If you want to get the best out of your FSC, T8.1 or T9.1 paintball pistol, then you cannot ignore our tuning valve "Power-Pin"!

The export valve "Power-Pin" from Z-RAM was milled from a very robust steel alloy using CNC. We have developed its special shape through a number of tests.

This high-performance firing pin provides more volume in the bolt and an improved opening of the "valve", which means that more pressure is blown out longer and faster and the projectile thus accelerates more.

Your paintball gun or pistol will achieve more FPS and more joules!

The power pin is screwed into the firing bolt and replaces the standard aluminum pin.

Test results showed an energy increase of 11% or +14 joules and more! (when using a 16 inch barrel)

The performance-enhancing effect that can be traced back to the pin increases with the length of the barrel! With the standard barrel of the FSC, the effect is hardly noticeable. The longer the barrel, the more power you will get compared to the standard pin.



- An energy increase of 11% or 14 joules, to over 70 joules an more !

(when using a 16 inch barrel)

- Absolutely stable, high-precision CNC milled steel replacement part for your marker!

- Compatible with Tiberius First Strike FSC-T8.1 or T9.1 pistols only!

- No deformation of the pin!

Scope of delivery:

- 1 piece Z-RAM power pin (export valve)

Test data (see also YouTube videos)

with First Strike FSC T8.1 or T9.1 pistol with unscrewed Verlocety screw and use of a LAPCO 16 "barrel with a bore of .686 or an equivalent barrel, 1300 PSI HP system, the Z.68 projectiles AND the Z-RAM power pin

70 joules / 418 feet per second (FPS) 11% more power compared to the standard pin. With even longer barrels, the power pin should also deliver even more power!

Instructions for use (very important) !:

The length of the barrel plays a major role in the energy gains achieved. The longer the barrel, the greater the energy gain! Of course, it also depends on how much PSI your pistol is operated with. Here, too, we recommend our YouTube video (see above) There is no increase in energy with the FSC standard barrel!

Safety instructions (even more important) !:

The possession and purchase of our power pin is free, installation is prohibited in Germany due to the increase in performance and leads to the loss of warranty claims for your marker. This is not an original part of Tiberius First Strike. I would also like to point out the risk of injury that could result from using this power pin. When setting your marker and using it in Germany - be it in Grimburg, near the Luxembourg border, or in Hamburg in the far north - make sure that you do not exceed the legally permitted 7.5 joules. Liability of any kind is excluded. Use in Germany is not recommended! Sales only from 18 years!

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