TORNADO 2.0 | HDR68 | MAXIMUM POWER | Perfect fit | Cal. 68

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TORNADO 2.0 | HDR68 | MAXIMUM POWER | Perfect fit  | Cal. 68


  • suitable for HDR.68
  • Perfect fit for the standard drum
  • Material: plastic (3D printing)
  • pointed 8mm steel ball
  • Weight: approximately 4.3g per ball
  • high penetrating power
  • increases the bullet energy of the HDR
  • 25 pieces
  • black

Due to the conical shape and the adjusted weight as well as the slanted grooves in the rear area of the bullet, it is set into rapid longitudinal rotation when fired.


With the HDR.68 the balls enter the drum a little more tightly. For this reason, we recommend that you lightly oil the drums with silicone spray to make them slip more easily. This doesn't just apply to the steel balls!

These bullets are expressly intended for fun shooting at suitable targets. Never shoot people or animals!

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