Tuning Barrel for HDR-50 STEEL with extension (with thread )

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Tuning Barrel for HDR-50 STEEL with extension (with thread )

In connection with our Powerkit.50 an output of over 20 joules is achieved!

  • Extreme fit tolerances

  • increased precision

  • Diameter (inside) 12.7mm

  • Muffler thread including reinforced spring

  • Anti-twist protection

  • Attachment length 10cm

  • with additional thread protection cover (now also made of steel)

  • all three components are blued

  • Performance increase with further modification

  • very high longevity

  • Plug and play, installation in 5 minutes.

The purchase and possession is free, the installation is prohibited in Germany due to the increase in performance and can lead to the loss of warranty claims.

Do you have any questions or other concerns? Then feel free to contact us! See other auction more interesting items for the HDR 50, HDS 68 and SG 68!

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