Z-RAM Complete Stainless Steel Firing Bolt Assembly Set for FSC TCP T.8.1 T.9.1

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Z-RAM Complete Stainless Steel Firing Bolt Assembly Set for your Tiberius FSC T8 T9 and TCP!

Our steel Stainless Steel Firing Bolt Assembly Set

is the ultimate upgrade for your TCP, FSC, T.8.1 and T.9.1!

The high-quality steel is not only a noble design and eye-catcher ;)

Rather, it is about to assure that your favorite piece has a much longer life span with this upgrade.

If you use your marker very often or with more than the prescribed initial pressure, it is strongly recommended to replace the standard Firing Bolt Assembly for our Stainless Steel Firing Bolt Assembly Set

Our steel Firing Bolt Assembly is CNC milled and promises absolutely high quality and you may already be familiar with it!


- A must if your FSC performs better than intended or is in constant use!

- Absolutely stable, high-precision CNC milled steel replacement part for your marker!

- Compatible only with TCP, Tiberius First Strike FSC-T8.1 or T9.1 pistols!

- No deformation of the chamber!

Scope of delivery:

- 1 piece Z-RAM steel chamber
- 1 piece of Z-Ram steel plug

- 1 piece of Z-RAM Stainless Steel Firing Bolt 

- 1 piece Z-RAM power pin (export valve)

- 2 piece sainless steel screw

1 piece Z-RAM Firing-Pin

- 1 piece Z-RAM HEAT CORE Valve Stem O-Ring (14,3 x 8,9 x 2,7mm)
- 2x O-Ring for FSC/TCP Chamber Outside (24 x 20 x 2)
- 1x O-Ring for FSC/TCP Chamber Cap (20 x 17 x 1,5)

Safety instructions (even more important) !:

This is not an original part of Tiberius First Strike.

When setting your marker and using it in Germany - be it in Grimburg, near the Luxembourg border, or in Hamburg in the far north - make sure that you do not exceed the legally permitted 7.5 joules. Liability of any kind is excluded. Use in Germany is not recommended! Sales only from 18 years!

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