Z-RAM Custom HDR68 Complete Package ( 91 Joules HPA)

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The HDR68 marker is not included in the offer!

 If this offer is not available then one of the included items is not in stock. Either you wait or check yourself whether you need the missing part at all.

Z-RAM Costum HDR68 Complete Package (91 Joules HPA)

With this offer we want to make your search for the right parts a little easier. Because here we have put together everything you need for your HDR68 to achieve the 91J with HPA.

You can see test videos here. 

The offer includes the following parts:

1x 1100 PSI Regulator and Bottle

1x Z-RAM ASA to Chamber Adapter
1x tuning barrel with standard barrel extension
1x sniper barrel extension
1x A set of 6x Z.68s projectiles

1x Z-DRUM  for z68s

1x Universal Vertical Grip

1x Power-Kit

1x Flex Buttstock

The DRIVER from the original drum is required

You can see how the parts are installed in this video.

Please note that you have to find out for yourself whether these modifications are allowed in your country.

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