Z-RAM Z-MAG 8 Shots Magazin for TCP/FSC, T8.1, T9.1 (Fits: 8g, 12g, 16g, 20g co2 Capsule and Z.68s Bullets)

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Z-RAM Z-MAG Magazin for TCP/FSC, T8.1, T9.1 (Fits: 8g, 12g, 16g, 20g co2 Capsule and Z.68s Bullets)

Our innovative Z-RAM Z-MAG is not just another 20g magazine!
With our magazine you can now use all your Co2 capsules from 8g to 20g (8g, 12g, 16g, 20g Co2 capsules without thread)!


  • Our magazine fits in the Tiberius FSC T8.1, T9.1 and Pepperball TCP
  • You can use all 8g, 12g, 16g, and 20g co2 capsules.
  • You now have 8 shots with our magazine.
  • And the highlight is that our new Z.68s projectiles fit in. The Z.68s are 20mm long and do not fit in standard magazines or any other magazines. It is therefore absolutely necessary if you want to use the Z.68s to also have this magazine.
  • The MagMode in the color of your choice (red or black), as well as a SlipCover, 3 spacers and an additional screw are also included in the offer.

 Scope of delivery:

-1x magazine frame that consists of 2 parts.
-1x Belt cover suitable for FSC/TCP
-1x 3 spacers for 8g, 12g, 16g, co2 capsules
-1x small additional screw
-1x Magmode Black or Red (specify color as comment when ordering)

The pictured capsules, z.68s Projectile and the marker/gun are not included

Instructions for use (very important) !:

It is necessary that you install parts such as valve, springs and screws from your standard magazine. The valve from the T8.1 series only takes 8g and 12g co2 capsules.

Be sure to watch our installation video before you buy!:


Safety instructions (even more important)!:

The possession and purchase of our spare part is permitted, the installation is prohibited in Germany due to the increase in performance and leads to the loss of warranty claims for your marker.

This is not an original Umarex part.
I would also like to point out the risk of injury that could result from using this power pin.
When using your marker in Germany, make sure that you do not exceed the legally permitted 7.5 joules. Liability of any kind is excluded. Use in Germany is not recommended! Sale only from 18 years!

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