NEW ! ! Powerkit.68 V2 for HDB68 (7,5j Version), export valve V2A (50Joule+)

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NEW ! ! Powerkit.68 V2 for HDB68, (7,5j Version) export valve  V2A (50Joule+)

With the 16 or 40j version, you don't need the valve on the two versions. You just install the pin and leave the standard valve in or leave it out altogether.

  • Valve pin made of V2A stainless steel here the slot on the head has also been expanded

  • The valve pin is like the original, the thread has been shortened by 3 mm - so it can be screwed in further and tickles the maximum out of the HDB68

  • increased power well over 50 joules

  • Another advantage is that the tuning cannot be seen from the outside or the inside!!!

  • Conversion can be rolled back at any time

A super smooth surface protects the sealing ring and the Co2 weapon. Because I use the highest quality materials for production and have in-depth experience with CNC lathes and milling machines.

! Due to the increase in performance, the conversion is prohibited in Germany and leads to the loss of warranty claims!


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