3x Z-RAM HEAT CORE Valve Stem O-Ring for FSC/TCP Air Chamber Steel-Chamber (Old Milsig O-Ring)

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3x Z-RAM HEAT CORE Valve Stem O-Ring for Air Chamber Steel-Chamber

This is the O-ring that is used in the Air-Chamber / Steel-Chamber and is more stable than the standard O-rings. Is strongly recommended if you use your marker with increased power.
Can be used in Tiberius FSC T8.1 T9.1 and TCP, VKS and other markers.

This FKM - FPM - Viton O-Ring is mm and in the color Black. The Hardness of this is 90 Shore A. The O-ring is commonly used in and has an operating temperature range from -20 ºC to 205 ºC. O-rings are indicated as and have a DIN 3771 Size of 8.9x2.7. This item is equal to and has an None Approval. The chemical name of this Oring is Fluorocarbon Rubber.


- Our Z-RAM version of the "Milsig Heat Core O-Ring" is in no way inferior to the well-known manufacturer.

Size: 14,3 x 8,9 x 2,7mm

- A must if your FSC performs better than intended or is in constant use!

- Absolutely stable O-ring with a longer service life!
- Compatible with VKS, TCP, Tiberius First Strike FSC-T8.1 or T9.1 pistols and other markers!

Scope of delivery:

- 3 piece Z-RAM HEAT CORE valve stem O-ring for air chamber steel chamber

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