Z-RAM Z-Extension Tuning chamber-extension (+8 joules at least!) for all Umarex HD Typs and FSC/TCP

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Tuning chamber extension (+8 joules min.) for HDR50 HDP HDB etc.

If you want to get the most out of your HDR50, HDP50, HDS, HDB and most Umarex paintball guns then you should definitely try our Chamber Extension

New ! Now also for FSC/TCP ! with our Z-Extension to Z-RAM Chamber Adapter Kit!

This extension "export valve" was CNC machined from a very robust steel alloy and can be easily mounted on your marker with simple adjustments.
Be sure to watch our installation video before you buy!:


Our tuning extension "tuning valve" provides more volume in the chamber, which means more air or co2 is available for the shot. Best results are obtained with long runs and an HP system. But you can also benefit from the increase in performance with Co2 and short Barrels.

Your paintball marker or RAM pistol achieves more FPS and more joules!


- An increase in energy with a short setup of at least 8 joules and more!

- Absolutely stable, high-precision CNC-milled steel spare part for your marker!

Scope of delivery:

- 1 piece Z-RAM Z-Extension

- 1 piece Z-RAM Z-Extension O-Ring (10mm x 13,5mm x 1,75mm)

Instructions for use (very important) !:

The extension can be attached to most Umarex markers. However, minor adjustments to your plastic housing are necessary. It is also possible to screw several extensions together.

Be sure to check out our installation video.


Works with:







Safety instructions (even more important)!:

For safety reasons, please be sure to glue the Z-Extension to your marker with screw glue!

The possession and purchase of our spare part is permitted, the installation is prohibited in Germany due to the increase in performance and leads to the loss of warranty claims for your marker.

This is not an original Umarex part.
I would also like to point out the risk of injury that could result from using this power pin.
When using your marker in Germany, make sure that you do not exceed the legally permitted 7.5 joules. Liability of any kind is excluded. Use in Germany is not recommended! Sale only from 18 years!

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