Tuning drum for HDR50, Aluminum, MAXIMUM POWER, gold cal.0.50

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Tuning drum HDR50 | Aluminum | MAXIMUM POWER | Black | gold | cal.0.50

MUST-HAVE for every HDR50 lover!


A precision aluminum tuning drum, turned from the full, for the Umarex HDR50 revolver in 0.50 caliber. The drum has been slightly revised and improved in design.

  • Gold anodized

  • Aluminum turned from the solid

  • 6 shots

  • approx. 30 grams | cal 0.50

  • wider than the original

  • reduces the blow up

  • Extreme fit tolerances

  • increased precision and performance (approx. 0.5 - 1.5 joules)

  • very high longevity

This drum cannot be used with the Z projectiles. Only plastic projectiles work, but also the aluminum balls from our shop.

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