HDR50 TR50 T4E Parts

The TR 50 is a revolver whose strengths clearly lie in the large .50 caliber, the enormous energy and also the eye-catching optics.

You can easily load six .50 caliber bullets into the drum magazine. A CO₂ capsule provides the power for this. It has its place in the handle, but thanks to quick piercing, it is only pierced by a light tap on the underside of the handle. This means your Tactical Revolver 50 is ready to use in a flash and guarantees full capsules whenever you need them. The visible and tactile pressure display always clearly indicates the operational readiness. Its appearance is also impressive: the TR 50 is impressive simply because of its wide revolver shape and size. Textured grip surfaces ensure a firm grip, and the trigger safety prevents unintentional firing in the event of a fall.

Accepts the entire range of .50 caliber T4E ammunition