20 x Cal.68 KILLER SPIKES for HDR68 MAXIMUM POWER Perfect fit, Black

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20 x Cal.68 KILLER SPIKES for HDR50 MAXIMUM POWER Perfect fit, Black

  • suitable for the HDR.68

  • Perfect fit for the standard drum

  • 7mm tip

  • Bullet diameter: 17.3mm

  • Weight: 2.5g per ball

  • high penetrating power

  • increases the projectile energy of the HDR.68

  • 20 piece

Due to the pointed shape and the adjusted weight as well as the sloping grooves in the rear area of ​​the bullet, it is set in a fast longitudinal rotation when fired.

ATTENTION: We have noticed that the diameter of the drum chambers is larger than the diameter of the original barrel. Because of this, there is a possibility that the ammunition will be a little looser in the drum.


With the HDR.68, the bullets go a little harder into the drum. For this reason we recommend you to oil the drums lightly with silicone spray, so it slips easier. This applies to all types of ammunition.

These bullets are specifically designed for fun shooting at suitable targets. Never shoot at people or animals!

Do you have any questions or other concerns? Then feel free to contact us! See other auction for more interesting items for Cal. 68!!!

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