HDR68 TR68 T4E Parts

The Tactical Revolver TR 68 combines the most powerful caliber of the T4E series with reliable CO₂ technology in a powerful revolver.

Bigger and stronger, the TR 68 uses the proven features of the TR 50. The maximum 7.5 joules is delivered by a CO₂ capsule in the handle. Thanks to the quick piercing system, however, it is only pierced by a light tap on the underside of the handle. This means that the TR 68 is ready for use with a fresh capsule even after a long period of storage – signaled by the clearly visible and noticeable pressure display. Textured gripping surfaces ensure a firm hold, and the trigger blade safety prevents unintentional firing in the event of a fall.

The marker makes no compromises when it comes to caliber. Caliber .68, a five-round drum magazine and the entire range of T4E ammunition guarantee excellent performance. In terms of precision, the TR 68 relies on a 170 mm barrel, a long sighting line and Picatinny rails for mounting accessories such as optics.