Z-RAM Z-MAG & 6x Z.68s 9.5g Steel Bullets cal 0.68 ready to go for FSC/TCP

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This Bullets fits for the HDS68, HDR68 and the FSC/TCP/T8.1/T9.1 but
you need our Z-MAG (FSC etc..) or Z-DRUM (HDR68). 
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So here is a "ready to go" offer for the FSC/TCP including the Z-MAG


Z.68s 9,5g Bullets 

Also suitable for the FSC/TCP/T8.1/T9.1,  Umarex HDS68, HDR68 

You can only find these unique bullets with us! The 20mm long Z.68s projectiles are 2mm longer than our bestselling Z.68v2. The longer projectile allowed us to reduce the angle of the tip and thus make it even sharper. The high weight of 9.5 grams in combination with a large cup on the back ensure top performance.

The Z-Ram Less Lethal Self Defense Projectiles Z68s can be used with HDS68, HDR68 and the FSC/TCP/T8.1/T9.1 but you need our Z-MAG (FSC etc..) or Z-DRUM (HDR68). In addition, you must at the FSC/ZCP/ect. adjust the barrel by 2mm. otherwise the barrel should be a bore size of .686 and higher (0.69 recommended)

The CNC manufactured bullets made of polished steel in caliber .686 have an enormous effect on the target . These projectiles are particularly suitable for target shooting or home and self-defense. The Z68s projectiles must not be used for paintball games or against people or animals without authorization.


- Absolutely unique pointed steel projectiles with a very sharp Tip for an enormous effect on the target! T

- High quality and precise CNC machined steel projectile for HDS68, HDR68 and the FSC/TCP/T8.1/T9.1

- Bore size: 0.686 (Diameter of the Z.68v2 = 17.35mm x 20mm !)

- Compatible with cal. 686 barrels and higher and HDS68, HDR68 and the FSC/TCP/T8.1/T9.1

- Compatible only with our Z-MAG (FSC etc..) or Z-DRUM (HDR68).  HDS68 without addition

- reusable! Since it is made of steel, it is almost indestructible or malleable! No bursting or breaking as with plastic or copper / nylon mixtures!

- Individual weight apiece: 9.5g


Z-RAM Z-MAG Magazin for TCP/FSC, T8.1, T9.1 (Fits: 8g, 12g, 16g, 20g co2 Capsule and Z.68s Bullets)

Our innovative Z-RAM Z-MAG is not just another 20g magazine!
With our magazine you can now use all your Co2 capsules from 8g to 20g (8g, 12g, 16g, 20g Co2 capsules without thread)! and the z.68s projectiles


  • Our magazine fits in the Tiberius FSC T8.1, T9.1 and Pepperball TCP
  • You can use all 8g, 12g, 16g, and 20g co2 capsules.
  • You now have 8 shots with our magazine.
  • And the highlight is that our new Z.68s projectiles fit in. The Z.68s are 20mm long and do not fit in standard magazines or any other magazines. It is therefore absolutely necessary if you want to use the Z.68s to also have this magazine.
  • The MagMode in the color of your choice (red or black), as well as a SlipCover, 3 spacers and an additional screw are also included in the offer.

Scope of delivery:

- 6 piece Z.68s 9.5g steel projectiles

-1x magazine frame that consists of 2 parts.
-1x Belt cover suitable for FSC/TCP
-1x 3 spacers for 8g, 12g, 16g, co2 capsules
-1x small additional screw
-1x Magmode Black or Red (specify color as comment when ordering)

The pictured capsules, z.68s Projectile and the marker/gun are not included

Application advice (very important!):

It is absolutely necessary to grease the projectiles, the barrel and the magazine well.
Be sure to use our MagMode for better projectile pickup in the barrel.
For barrels with a bore below 0.690, the first projectile that is loaded into the magazine should be loaded horizontally and thus only serves to bring the following projectiles into the correct position. The horizontal projectile cannot then be fired. Soon there will be a mod for the magazine so that this is no longer necessary. The stronger, red magazine spring supplied with the FSC, T9, T8 should be used. The magazine, barrel and bullet should always be well oiled. A small portion of grease is included with every order. The Z.68 projectiles should not be combined with other projectiles or even round bullets in the magazine.

Safety instructions (more importantly!):

These projectiles may only be used in extreme emergencies or for target practice and not for paintball. There is a very high risk of injury. Please make sure when setting your marker and using it in Germany - be it in Grimburg, near the Luxembourg border, or in Hamburg in the far north - that you do not exceed the legally permitted 7.5 Joules. Liability of any kind is excluded. Sales only from 18 years! (Keywörter): KIP - Self / Home Defense ? Kinetic, HomeWreker, Wreking Ball, Bullet, Paintballs, Paintball, slug, slugs, hartgummi, Glasbrecher, Glass Breaking, Rubber balls, Monition oder auch Geschosse genannt, für Tiberius First Strike, Umarex - T4E - Verwendbar von riot de janeiro bis Grimburg für Magfed und Paintball.

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