TAC-MAG T4 "LITTLE BABY | Magazine Holder | Magazine Holder | HDR50 | Cooperation X FischerSTUFF

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TAC-MAG T4 "LITTLE BABY | Magazine Holder | Magazine Holder | HDR50 | Cooperation X FischerSTUFF


Attention, world first... unique on the market... exclusively available from us...

The Tac-Mag T4 #Little Baby# is a tactical magazine as an accessory for the popular HDR50 revolver from Umarex, and holds four drums.
It allows lightning-fast reloading of a drum in under 6 seconds and appeals to anyone who wants to get more out of their weapon.

The Tac-Mag T4 is slid directly onto the lower Picatinny rail without tools and then holds it bomb-proof.
With a simple movement of the thumb, a fresh drum is removed from the Tac-Mag and loaded into the weapon. The empty drum goes back into the magazine and therefore cannot be lost. With a single #Little Baby# and the drum in the weapon, a total of 30 shots are available in quick succession.

In order to be able to quickly remove the Tac-Mag T4 from the weapon, e.g. when replacing it with a second mag, a quick detach system is available.

The production uses high-quality material, which makes the Tac-Mag T4 insensitive to the effects of the weather. It is heat resistant up to 160 degrees Celsius, can withstand UV light, has tough impact and shock resistance, and is suitable for outdoor use due to its special construction. In addition, it is 100% sustainable and oil-free, CO2 neutral, odor-free, food-safe, FDA-compliant and biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855.

The low weight of less than 45 grams makes the #Little Baby# a popular always-with-you partner, and it also sits super ergonomically in the hand. When fully loaded with original Umarex drums and black rubber balls, it weighs just 145 grams (with Tac-Mag drums it only weighs 107 grams). You can load the drums with any commercially available ammunition. There will be a separate Tac-Mag for customers who only use our tuning drums.

All in all... a worthwhile purchase for your hobby... from "Fischer-STUFF".


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