NEW!! Powerkit.50 V2 for HDR50, export valve, Maximum power 7.5j version 20-30J

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NEW!! Powerkit.50 V2 for HDR50 | export valve | Maximum power 7.5j version 20-30J

The Powerkit.50 V2 promises an additional increase in performance by introducing a hexagonal (bore 2.5 mm) in the valve pin. Because of the hexagonal shape, the Co² can continue to expand.

Furthermore, we have enlarged the hole in the valve to 1 mm.
Details | Improvement:

  • no valve needed in the pressure chamber

  • removal of the valve (throttle in the pressure chamber) following:

  • valve: press the insert into the pressure chamber with the enclosed screw

  • PIN: screw in with the supplied Allen key

  • material: stainless steel, for better sliding and protection of the sealing ring

  • increases power to over 25 joules+*

  • longer valve opening time, larger gas volume

  • reduced cool down effect

*temperature dependent

Installation can be undone at any time


Since Co2 is very temperature dependent, we recommend storing the Co2 capsules at room temperature, as the Co2 expands and the pressure increases!

Scope of delivery

  • 1x valve (pressure chamber insert) + 1x screw
  • 1x valve pin + 1x Allen key 2.5 mm

!!!Attention strong increase in performance! Not suitable for paintball !!!

The purchase and possession of this export valve is free, the installation is prohibited in Germany due to the increase in performance and leads to the loss of warranty claims.

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